Mod Lists

There are a fair number of games I’ve played through with mods in lieu of the vanilla experience. Most of the time I do this in games that I’m familiar with, mostly in an effort to mix things up, but I’ve also done it to increase variety or difficulty in a given series. On this page I’ll list the games I’ve played with mods and, if possible, I’ll provide links to them as well. If a link for a given mod is not provided it’s likely because the mod was removed from its original source and my listing is purely for the sake of cataloging what I was running at the time.

Note: I do not provide guieds to getting my modlists working. I’m providing this list as a reference to those who wonder what mods I’m running, and what particular changes a modded game might have in store.

Let’s Plays
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (in addition to both expansion packs)
Fair Magicka Regen
– Morrowind Overhaul (MGSO 3.0; graphical options below)

Fallout 3 (in addition to all DLC)
A World of Pain for Fallout 3
Adjustable HUD
DarNified UI
DCInteriors Project
Fallout 3 Wanderer’s Edition
Mart’s Mutant Mod
Ultimate Perk Packs (All except for Originals)
Weapon Mod Kits

Fallout: New Vegas (in addition to all DLC and NVSE)
Mod Configuration Menu
More Perks
Project Nevada (with DLC Support and WMX Support Patches)
Weapon Mod Menu
Weapon Mods Expended (with DLC Support)

Titan Quest: Immortal Throne

Divinity: Original Sin 2
Divinity Unleashed
OdinCore – Mod Services
Odinblade’s Aerotheurge Class Overhaul (DE)
Odinblade’s Geomancer Class Overhaul (DE)
Odinblade’s Huntsman Class Overhaul (DE)
Odinblade’s Hydrosophist Class Overhaul (DE)
Odinblade’s Necromancer Class Overhaul (DE)
Odinblade’s Pyrokinetic Class Overhaul (DE)
Odinblade’s Spectre Class: Definitive Edition
Party Size Evolved
Potions Give Empty Bottles – DE

Fallout: New Vegas (in addition to all DLC and NVSE)
A World of Pain (with Weapon Mods Expanded Compatibility)
Mod Configuration Menu
More Perks
New Vegas Bounties (requires the Someguy Series)
New Vegas Bounties II (requires the Someguy Series)
Project Nevada (with DLC Support and WMX Support Patches)
Weapon Mod Menu
Weapon Mods Expended (with DLC Support)

Might & Magic VI
Grayface Patch

Minecraft 1.14 (with Forge mod loader)
Just Enough Items
Tree Choppin
Xaero’s Minimap
Xaero’s World Map

Skyrim Special Edition (in addition to all DLC and SKSE)
One Tweak
SSE Engine Fixes
Unofficial Skyrim SE Patch

Enhanced Lights and FX
Skyrim Flora Overahul

Alternate Start – Live Another Life
Alternate Start – New Beginnings
Andromeda – Unique Standing Stones of Skyrim
Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim
Dead NPC Body Cleaner Remove
Immersive Armors
Immersive Citizens – AI Overhaul SE
Immersive Weapons
Imperious – Races of Skyrim
Nether’s Follower Framework
No Essential NPCs INI Tweak
OBIS SE – Organized Bandits in Skyrim SE
Open Cities Skyrim
Ordinator – Perks of Skyrim
Skyrim Immersive Creatures SE
Violens – A Killmove Mod SE
Wildcat – Combat of Skyrim
Zim’s Immersive Artifacts

TES Mod Manager
Wrye Bash