Game Development
   Below are all the posts on this blog relating to games I’m developing. They’re ordered from newest game to oldest and the posts under each game are ordered chronologically from oldest to newest.

Fiancée Game
   Developed for my fiancée as a wedding gift, Fiancée Game is my intro into completing an actual game. It’s a first-person grid-based RPG with all the bells and whistles one should expect. No public release is planned but I still want to keep a public log to keep me earnest about actually working on it.
   By the time this series began I had put roughly two years worth of time into working on the game. While that might sound like a lot, there were a few fairly lengthy breaks in there and I’ve only fairly recently begun making what I would consider actual progress on it.
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   Below are various guides I’ve posted to the site. Most likely to be related to games in some way, shape, or form.

   Foobar2000 – The Windows Soundfont