Fiancée Game – 03 – Current Status (As of Now)

   In the previous post I talked at length about the influences to the various systems in Fiancée Game. In this post, I intend to outline exactly where the game currently stands. Unlike my previous posts, this one will probably be both fairly short and fairly dry — I’m going to state what’s currently implemented and possibly expand on it a bit, but not too much beyond that. Time to get to it!

   Inventory slots work and properly store items. Tooltips for items are implemented, though descriptions for most item properties still need to be included.

   Equipment tooltips display appropriate information based on the type of gear you’re mousing over. Items also have a variety of different rarity levels that will allow me to make more powerful, but appropriately less common, items in addition to Bob’s +1 Sword. Here’s a quick preview of what a higher level artifact might look like:

Sometimes “dropping the bass” is a very bad thing.

   The gear system is in place. Equipment has statistics, though, admittedly, they currently have no effect on actual gameplay.

   I’ve only recently begun working on the combat engine for Fiancée Game. Currently you can enter combat with a dummy enemy and choose to attack (and automatically defeat) it. Combat then resolves and you gain XP and gold. The dummy enemy does not fight back and has no supporting AI.

Combat. Very, very much a work in progress.

   Before I get too deep into the combat portions of the game, I want to have the statistics system for MOBs (the player, NPCs, monsters) finalized. That said, I do want to get something playable in place so that my fiancée can have some actual game to play with during testing.

   I fully expect the combat system to be the largest single chunk of programming that goes into the game. While all of the subsystems are going to equate to a lot of code, the combat is going to have so much going on that I can’t see it not eclipsing everything else. Once I get the basics done, I want to start implementing skill trees and all that fun character building crunchiness.

   More or less where I want it. You can move around in what I consider a comfortable fashion. Stairs and drops — which cause damage — have both been implemented. I don’t foresee too much more work being done here beyond tying things into appropriate systems (drops dealing actual HP damage in addition to mentioning it happening).

The Environment/Worldspace
   Unlike Grimrock, Fiancée Game has no load times beyond the initial ones to boot the game and load into the gameplay scene. Once the player has actually loaded into the game world, they are free to explore it seamlessly. This is likely to change should I decide to release ‘expansions’ for Fiancée Game due to worldspace size limits.

   Doors, both mundane and secret, have been implemented with the appropriate buttons to open them. The art of closing them currently eludes the dungeon’s designers.

User Interface
   The player’s inventory is more or less fully functional. The player can move gear around, examine item statistics (tooltips have been implemented), and equip various pieces of equipment to their appropriate gear slots. I still have to implement offensive and defensive statistic displays, but that has to wait until the player actually has the stats to display.

The inventory is mostly finished. Ignore the random dagger equipment slot.
I have yet to find an appropriate icon for the wrist slot.

   The game currently features a basic minimap that shows the area local to the player. It automatically notes where walls are, but nothing beyond that. It draws different textures to each cell based on what the floor texture of a given tile is.

The minimap does not distinguish between walls and doors. I debate on wanting it to.

   I’ve implemented a few other UI elements that I don’t think warrant screenshots at the current time. I currently have a working message box that displays flavor text and other information to the player. I also have portrait bars for the main character and for Sam. The belt is also implemented, though it currently serves no mechanical purpose.

That’s All, Folks
   And that’s about it. I’m sure I’ve forgotten a thing or two, but that’s more or less everything as it currently stands. Since this has finally been posted, I’m hoping to start weekly progress updates. Hopefully we’ll see some real growth of the game over the coming months!

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