About Me

Who are you?
   I am Gene.

   I go by GHostLPs on YouTube and the general internet at large. I live on the east coast of the United States. I’m a web developer with a focus on back-end database crappery, though I’ve been known to occasionally play video games for people on the internet. In addition to working in webdev, I also work part-time in shipping.

   With regards to gaming, my tastes vary widely. I’m primarily a PC gamer but I play console games on occasion. I’ll play just about anything so long as it’s well designed. My favorite genre of game, regardless of what I’m playing it on, has to be fantasy RPGs. Among them, I have many favorites for many different reasons. I have to blame this adoration on growing up playing Dungeons & Dragons for many, many hours.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do you take requests?

Do you have a list of what you’re going to play next?
   Yep! You can find my Let’s Play List HERE. Feel free to throw suggestions my way and if they’re something that grabs me they’ll be added to the Eventual Stuff to LP part of it. A game’s presence on the list doesn’t guarantee that I’ll be playing it any time soon, or, in some cases, ever.

YouTube Channel Information
Behavior Guidelines
   I’m generally pretty laid back when it comes to moderating the comments on my channel. That said, I do have a few guidelines that I expect my commenters to adhere to. They are as follows:
   – Don’t be a dick. You’ll find yourself shut down very quickly if you do nothing but troll around in my comments sections being inflammatory. Be awesome to each other in the comments!
   – I’m all for impassioned discussions/debate so long as there is mutual respect present. As soon as you start being derogatory just for the sake of it, you’re done.
   – Absolutely no backseat gaming. I’m doing this as a hobby and giving my experiences with a given game. I quite honestly don’t care how you think a game should be played. I’m incredibly open to advice, but don’t ever presume to tell me how I should be playing a game. If you want to see a specific game played your way, you’re more than welcome to start your own channel.
   – Please don’t post “first”, or similar, in the comments of a newly released video. Your comment will be deleted and you’re actively taking away time that I could be spending productively on my channel. I would much rather you make a productive comment — tell me what you liked about a given video.
   – It probably goes without saying, but, if I’m playing a game blind: please don’t post spoilers. If I want advice on a specific aspect of a game, I’ll let you folks know.

How I Interact With Viewers
   My viewership is incredibly important to me. I strive to interact with them in as many ways as possible, whether in the comment sections of my videos. If you put forth the effort to interact with my content, be assured it’s not wasted effort!
   – I tend to monitor comments on my videos pretty heavily. I receive emails when a comment is made, and I check those emails several times a day. I can guarantee that if you comment on my channel, I’ll read it.
   – I’m most active in replying to comments on my newer videos. While I appreciate comments on older content, and I read them all, I generally don’t respond to them unless they’re particularly illuminating.
   – I genuinely enjoy interacting with my YouTube viewership and make an effort to mention insightful comments and advice in LPs as I record them. That said, I typically don’t always have time to reply to comments, especially very long ones. With YouTube’s newly introduced ‘love’ feature and the ability to pin posts, if you want to post a book of knowledge in the comments, you’re more than welcome to and I’ll be sure to give it some love. I’ll probably even pin it if it’s particularly relevant information.