Month: June 2018

Fiancée Game – 11 – Big Stuff’s Done

Estimated Hours of Work Since Last Update: ~20

   One of these days, folks, I’ll get to a regular update schedule on this thing. Maybe. I hope. Probably not during Fiancee Game’s development. Anyways! Not a lot of time overall went into this update but a lot has been implemented here. Let’s get to it! As usual, if you’d like a more detailed look at everything that’s taken place for this update, check out the Fiancée Game Trello or follow me on Twitter.

   I’ve basically hit the point now where only a few major ‘systems’ remain to implement before I consider the game ready for the content/polish phase of its development. Shopping was one of the two major ones (the other being the conversation system). This turned out to be both easier and harder to implement than I’d thought it would be. Getting shopping working involved me having to rewrite how I handled drag-and-drop interactions between item slots. It also saw some updates to the tooltip system. There’s also finally an inhabitant in Towne, a trader. With the next update I’ll be adding some conversation to him as well.

[Left-click for .gif-y goodness!] Selling! Buying! All the things you expect at the minimum from a proper RPG!

   In an effort to get back on the dev train and get some work done, I decided to spend a few hours of a recent-ish Sunday stream doing some gamedev. The talky-talky system was the result. At least the bare bones bits of it. You can watch a VOD of the stream here if you’d like to watch me flail around. Overall the system was inspired by Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights. The UI style is my take on the Baldur’s Gate formula, but how the conversation system works ‘under the hood’ is very much inspired by the conversation system in Neverwinter Nights.

   Supported in the system as of now is the ability to check for variables on the player so that NPCs can tell if they’ve met the player in the past. I can also have conversation options cause effects in the world. Currently that’s limited to opening the shop, though. It’s designed to be stupidly easy to expand on, though. So yeah! This was the last big thing I had left to implement. Since this and the Shopping systems are done it’s mostly things that I consider much easier to implement that are left.

[Left-click for .gif-y goodness!] I’m basically Bioware now.

Other Features
   Partially to test selling items and partially as an eventual convenience feature, I added a new skill to the Adventurer skill tree: Transmutation. Transmutation opens a special slot in your inventory that essentially allows you to sell items while you’re out and about. You earn substantially less money from transmuted items, but it allows the option to keep adventuring should the player decide to do so. Unlocking this skill will require a bit of investment into the Adventurer skill tree, requiring learning two other skills before you can take it (those being the Item and Gold Hoarder skills, which increase item and gold drop rates respectively).

Sell loot from the convenience of the dungeon in which you found it!

   As part of getting the shopping systems implemented I also finally got around to making inventory and item/gear slots respect screen resolution. This means the inventory can be moved as needed and at higher resolutions I can basically stick it wherever I want on the screen should the need arise.

   In addition to the stuff above, I spent some time fleshing out systems that were already in place. Combat saw some additions, notable the ability for the player and companion to employ the Defend and Flee options in combat. The Defend action grants the user a small bonus to their Defense as well as granting them physical damage mitigation and resistance. On top of the defensive bonuses, Defend also grants a semi-potent combat buff on the round following defense that empowers the user. Finally, as long as a character is using the Defend action, they cannot be reduced to less than 1 hit point unless they’re already sitting at 1 hit point. This means that I can, at some point, implement horrific boss powers that will instagib pretty much anything, but can be avoided via clever use of the Defend option.

   Alongside defending is the ability to flee from combat. As of right now, the chance to flee is based on the difference between the player’s level and the average level of all enemies faced with some scaling to make fleeing from lower level enemies substantially easier. Fleeing does come at a price, doing so causes the player to drop a percentage of the gold that they’re carrying. I might implement some Adventurer skill tree abilities that lessen or remove gold drops if the player is fleeing from an enemy that is lower level than them.

QOL Stuff
   With all of the new features added, I also took some time to finally put in functions to make play a bit ‘cleaner.’ No longer does gameplay start with all the interface options open, everything closes as would be expected. I also now have the game assign your first skill point based on class where previously everyone just started with a free skill point.

   As per protocol I also squeaked in a few new pieces of gear that will turn up at some undetermined point. These items are basically the high end of what the player is going to be able to find in pre-expansion content.

No matter what I’m working on, I always make time to add gear. Props to anyone who catches the references for these items!
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