Month: June 2016

Fiancée Game – 05 – Wandering Encounters

Estimated Hours of Work Since Last Update: 4

   As with last time it’s been overlong since I last posted about Fiancée Game. I’d love to give the last excuse as last time (work being busy), but I don’t really have anything to blame but my lack of putting time aside to program. Still, a bit of work has been done!

Message System
   I’ve implemented a buffer system for message handling. Previously all messages would appear in the message box the instant they were ordered. This tends to get confusing in combat where you might make multiple attacks which will quickly fill the message box without actually letting you know what the results of the attacks were.

   Fiancée Game now prints messages in the buffer word-by-word until the buffer is empty. I think this is a much better way of doing things. I do want to implement a ‘lock’ system to the message system that prevents the player from taking action until a given message has finished displaying. I’m thinking that this will mostly be used in combat. I’d also like to get the ability to play sounds along with messages implemented, but it’s not a high priority at the moment.

   In working to get the combat system up to a playable state, I’ve added wandering encounters. As it stands they take the form of floating capsules that meander randomly around the map. They respect walls and pits, so you don’t see them appearing out of nowhere or floating in the air.

Here comes trouble.

   As it stands, all random encounters are with a set group of enemies (a trio of kobolds, for now). I do want to implement randomly selected groups of enemies. Doing so won’t be too much work, but I wanted to get something playable implemented before doing anything complex with it.

   The Fiancée has stated that she’d like to eventually be able to clear areas out but have other (likely optional) areas that have constantly respawning enemies that she can use to grind levels should the need arise. I see nothing wrong with this, though I’m sure figuring out a system of persistence between game sessions is going to be a bit of work.

   My eventual plan, I think, will be something akin to Gauntlet where there are monster spawners that can be destroyed to stop the flow of monsters in a given area. I do plan on having set encounters (boss monsters, rare optional fights, and so on) that are only ever there once and do not respawn. I also plan on having some spawners that the player cannot destroy so that the player has areas to grind out levels if they need to.

   The core combat system is in much the same place as it was as of the last update. I’m hopeful that, having finished working on the above, I’ll be able to put some serious time into getting it fully functioning. There are still some things I’d like to finish with the message system (notably the locking system mentioned previously) before I get everything working fully.

   I’m thinking strongly of overhauling how special properties function on equipment. I’m thinking of moving away from each property being its own class and instead simply making them into variables on the items and having the effect of the property based on the variable.

   This would mostly be for simplifying things on my end and wouldn’t really be noticeable from the player’s side of things since items that have unique properties would still have them, they’d just be a unique variable instead.

   Of course, I could always stop being lazy and instead program a proper effect handler but I’m currently undecided.

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