Month: March 2016

Fiancée Game – 04 – CharGen

Estimated Hours of Work Since Last Update: 8

   It’s been a lot longer since the last update than I’d intended, apologies for that. Life does, as they say, have something of a tendency to get in the way. My day job has been extremely busy of late and, between that and longer hours at my second job, it’s been cutting into my free time for both Fiancée Game development and LPing.
   That said, I’ve managed to squirrel away a few decent chunks of time over the past month-ish to work on things and get some additional systems implemented. Let’s dive in, shall we?

   Here’s a quick look at what the above eight hours have turned into:

Character Creation
   I spent around three hours getting character creation implemented into the game. It’s fairly simple looking, but it does what I need it to do. The player can name themselves, choose a class, and roll their attributes before beginning play. I decided to go with randomly rolled attributes because my fiancée really enjoys both the randomness and the “one more roll and it’s all 18s” aspect of the system.

Character generation is basic, but it does what it needs to do.

   There are the beginnings of some deeper systems in play here. Skills are going to be something that I’ll be needing to implement to finalize character creation. Three of the four classes begin play with a predetermined skill (the adventurer being given a skill point instead). In addition to a starting skill, each class begins play with a small bit of gear appropriate for them along with a pittance in gold — I’m thinking between 50 and 100 — enough for a night or two at the inn in town and maybe a healing potion.

   The only things left to be implemented in character generation are a “Begin Play” button and the ability to spend randomly generated bonus points on ability scores. Outside of that it’s fully functional.

   Up until now combat had more or less only been implemented in the UI sense. I’ve not got some basic fighting implemented, at least on the player’s side. The player attacks properly (with calculated miss chances), with the appropriate number of swings depending on weapon(s) equipped, and deals appropriate damage based on their equipped weapon and other assorted statistics.

   The current systems I have in place for attacking are likely to be re-coded in their entirety before combat is finalized. I want to separate some functions and I have to implement weapon properties, which should be an adventure.

   Once player attacking is where I want it, I need to work on the enemy’s ability to retaliate. I’ve currently got a handful of ideas on how I want to do this based around assorted types of enemy behavior. I want to make it so some enemies favor using special attacks (spellcasters), while others will favor attacking but might occasionally use a special attack if they have it (general critters). There are going to be sub-types to the AI, I think; a spellcaster, for example, with special abilities keyed towards healing its allies will probably have AI written around making sure all of its allies HP are greater than 50% and healing them when it isn’t. That kind of stuff. I’m looking forward to it as I’ve never really dealt with anything resembling complex AI before, even in a turn-based setting.

   Amidst working on all of the above, I also went back and re-wrote how the game handles the player’s equipment. Nothing major, but it speeds up the various look ups I have to do for determining final statistics and whatnot.

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