New LP Vote Buy In

As a Buy In Voter, you can purchase up to three votes to cast towards a chance for me to play a game of your choice from the Let’s Play List (found here). As a Buy In Voter you are limited to buying a maximum of three votes towards any one game; you may purchase up to three votes towards multiple games, however.

Each vote costs 3 US dollars. Once you have chosen the number of votes you’d like to purchase and typed your chosen game in the ‘Chosen Game’ text box, click on the comically oversized “Buy Now” button to be taken to PayPal where you can finish your vote purchase. Once you’ve purchased your vote, I’ll be notified add it to the list of games to be voted for. Entries with blank ‘Chosen Game’ boxes will be chosen by me, so don’t forget to enter your game unless you want to see some LP Roulette!

Your votes do not guarantee that I’ll play a given game, only that it has a chance to be played when put up against other chosen games. Conversely, just because a game only has a single vote doesn’t mean it won’t get played due to how I’ll be determining the game we’ll be playing (as noted here).

Voting will end 11:59 PM EST Saturday, September 9th, at which time I will randomly determine what game I’ll be playing next based on votes cast. The start date for the new LP, whatever it may be, will be Monday, September 11th. Good luck to all participants!


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